Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles UK

Understanding the growing wheelchair accessible vehicle market and what wheelchair access cars or vans to buy.

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Wheelchair adapted vehicles

Being able to go about your day without being restricted by movement or by the environment around you is a privilege, but with an increasing number of accessibility features in architecture and in the vehicles we use, we can collectively improve the spaces for all bodies.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles are just one of the tools available to improve overall mobility, comfort, and safety for those in wheelchairs. These vehicles are either specially designed or converted to allow wheelchair users and their families greater comfort and higher levels of safety when out on the road.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles to buy

Wheelchair accessibility vehicles (WAV) can completely change your life — our incredible range of WAV work to improve accessibility, comfort, and safety for those in wheelchairs. Enjoy a greater sense of freedom and independence with your own wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles are specially designed vehicles intended to be used by wheelchair users. You do not have to be entirely paralyzed to benefit from these vehicles, either. They are intended for anyone who uses a wheelchair on a regular basis, regardless of their medical condition.

They feature a lower floor and either a foldable ramp or an electric lift, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. These features make it easy and much safer for a wheelchair user to enter and exit their vehicle.

Not every WAV is specially made, however. You can also get your vehicle converted into a WAV by installing wheelchair accessible features, like a ramp and space for the wheelchair. This way, you can save and make use of your existing vehicle.

We have many wheelchair accessible vehicles for sale, perfect for any budget.

Choosing your (WAV) wheelchair accessible vehicle

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. Small cars all the way to large, full-sized vans are used. In most cases, these vehicles are refurbished, though an increasing number are made for the purpose.

You don’t just have the option to buy, either. You can also rent these WAVs for short-term trips, lease them to spread out the cost, or buy them outright to invest in the increased mobility on a long-term basis.

When to rent a WAV

Renting a WAV is ideal for those who need a wheelchair for a short period of time – perhaps a few weeks or even a month – and of course if you are planning on driving long distances, but only for a short period of time.


This could be a trip, or it could be work-related. If you live in the city and find the publicly available transportation options enough at home, then renting is a great option for when you need to travel outside of your city.

When to lease a WAV

There are a few different scenarios where it will be better to lease a WAV than buy one. If you or your loved one have been injured and need a wheelchair while they go through their physical therapy and recovery, then you won’t need a WAV in the long term. Serious injuries may make it useful and beneficial to lease a WAV for a year or more.


Leasing is also the preferred option for clinics and other businesses that would benefit from upgrading the models of their vehicles to the latest design. This is a great way to benefit from new safety features and appeal to a greater number of clients.

When to buy a WAV

Buying a WAV is a great option if you are a frequent or ongoing wheelchair user and would benefit from the flexibility and independence that your own vehicle can offer.


Though many cities are working to improve their accessibility (especially on public transport), many are not as accessible as they should be. Old stations, congested traffic, and a lack of budget are just a few of the reasons why public transportation is not always accessible, much less comfortable. In these situations owning your own WAV is the best way to get where you are going in comfort and safety.

WAV safety and quality

Both adapted and made-for-purpose vehicles undergo the same high levels of testing and scrutiny before they are allowed to be sold as a WAV. All vehicles must meet the stringent quality and safety standards set out by the government. Some vehicles do offer more features than others, however, which is why there are three main standards that our vehicles meet:


EC whole vehicle type approval

This approval is the highest a WAV can earn. It means that the vehicle in question has surpassed the safety and accessibility standards set out by the government.


PAS: 2012

PAS: 2012 is the benchmark standard for WAV vehicles. These vehicles offer the basics essential for a wheelchair user, including low floors and an adequate ramp or lift system.


Individual vehicle approval

This approval rating is available for converted low-volume specialist vehicles. It’s there to approve of unique or one-of-a-kind wheelchair accessibility vehicles, and the standards range drastically as it is awarded on a case-by-case basis.


Getting your first WAV

We have the best Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles on the market, and our experts are here to help you choose the ideal WAV for your needs. We want everyone who would benefit from a WAV to have the choice of mobility and independence. We know how frustrating and how dangerous it can be, especially trying to navigate busy streets, stations, and buses in a wheelchair – and that is with a loved one or carer there to help you.

A WAV is the ideal solution for wheelchair users, regardless of whether you require a wheelchair for the period of your physical recovery or need it in an ongoing capacity. The safety, comfort, and sheer freedom that such a vehicle can offer will change your life. We work closely with leading manufacturers from trusted brands like Ford, Peugeot, and Volkswagen, to provide you with exceptional comfort at competitive prices because you deserve to own your very own wheelchair accessible vehicle.

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